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Straightening the teeth with Invisalign may require 1 – 5 aligner trays. Wearing your trays as instructed by your orthodontist is necessary for a successful treatment. This means that your Invisalign journey will involve several trays.

After Invisalign treatment, you can’t give out your aligners, so disposing of them may be the right option. However, many people consider recycling their aligners. For more information read this blog

Are Invisalign aligner trays recyclable?

If you have undergone treatment with Invisalign, you’d know how the aligners feel and what they are made of. The aligners are solid, and many people cannot identify the materials used to make them.

Invisalign trays are made from a collection of plastics, meaning they consist of up to three different plastic types. Generally, recycling plastic requires special attention, but because aligners consist of several plastics, recycling them will need extra care.

Besides the different plastics used to make Invisalign trays, many countries consider them medical waste. Recycling an item like Invisalign trays that have been in your mouth is not advisable.

Presently, you can neither recycle your Invisalign aligners nor share them with other people, so it’s best to dispose of them until a better way of eliminating Invisalign trays are available.

Are Invisalign bags recyclable?

Being able to remove Invisalign aligners during treatment makes them a preferable option to braces for many people. Still, you need to take extra care of your teeth and the aligners as you would during any orthodontic treatment.

You have to think about where to store the aligners when you travel. Invisalign bags are available for this. Using an Invisalign bag is convenient and can contain all you need to care for your teeth while away from home.

You can get the Invisalign bag from your dentist, any store that sells tooth care products or a supermarket.

After your treatment, you may have no use for the bag. If you want to dispose of your Invisalign bag, consider recycling it. The material the Invisalign bag is made from will determine if you can recycle it or not.

Invisalign bags made from plastic are harder to recycle, but they are still recyclable. Bags made from leather, silk and cotton are more common and easy to recycle. It is best to get an Invisalign bag made from recyclable material.

Before buying the bag, ask what material it is made of and if it is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Is Invisalign environmentally friendly?

The array of plastics used to make Invisalign trays means they are not environmentally friendly, but they do not harm the teeth. Invisalign can cause more harm to the environment because they combine different plastics, and no technology is available for recycling Invisalign trays.

Some countries ban recycling medical waste, so even with technology to aid in recycling Invisalign plastics, you can’t recycle your aligners.

Is Invisalign eco-friendly?

Invisalign aligners can guarantee you straight teeth within a short time, but following your Invisalign consultation in London, your dentist will give you sets of slightly different aligners. Each set of aligners contains a combination of plastics to make them effective. This means a more negative impact on the environment.

Generally, items made from plastics are not eco-friendly, but some plastics are safer them some. The nature of Invisalign aligners makes them far from safe. Even with Invisalign aligners being unsafe for the environment, you need them for optimum oral health or risk several dental issues like toothache and decay.

What you can do with old Invisalign aligners

Since Invisalign aligners can’t be recycled, but may not have another option for achieving better oral health. You can do some things to keep the environment safe following Invisalign aligner treatment.

  • Keep them

After your Invisalign treatment, you may decide to hold on to the aligners. This can be an upside because when your current aligners get lost or damaged, your dentist may advise using a previous tray until you get a fix.

  • Bin them

Binning your aligners is the ultimate option for disposing of the aligner trays. You can’t give them away since every patient’s case is unique and requires different sets of aligners. Recycling the aligners is also not an option because they are difficult to recycle and medical waste.

  • Convert them to stationary holders

If your love fancy creepy arts, you can keep your Invisalign aligners to create a stationery holder. Piling several aligners can give a more appealing look. You would also need some paint and a glue gun.

The first step is creating a circle with two sets of aligners and piling the trays on top of each other, then holding the aligners together with a glue gum. You can stop at a pile of five or more. After getting your desired height, paint the aligners, and your stationery holder is ready for use.

Consider disinfecting it and cleaning properly before use.

  • Convert them to a nightstand decoration

If you paint your aligners with glow-in-the-dark paint and place them on your nightstand, they can serve as a fancy nightstand decoration.

Suppose you are keen on preserving the environment but have to use aligners. In that case, you can think of creative ways to use them afterwards since you cannot recycle them.

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