Business to start with 50k small business ideas


Business to start with 50k small business ideas

Introduction In the present era where everyone is interested in starting their own business, due to the shortage of jobs. Getting a job is now impo

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In the present era where everyone is interested in starting their own business, due to the shortage of jobs. Getting a job is now impossible; you have seen many highly educated people who are jobless in search of a job. So, the only option that is available for jobless people is business. But these people are afraid of starting any business because they think that a lot of investment is required for starting any business that’s why these people are not taking the step of business. But we are going to discuss what business to start with 50k. In this article you can learn about small business ideas that you can start with at least a 50k investment. It is not very difficult to get 50k these days. if you are facing difficulty in even getting 50k you can also learn the trick to get this amount.

If you are interested in starting any small business with a small amount of investment then you are at the right place. Because we are going to discuss small businesses with small investments. If you have no investment and even you are thinking about starting a business you get a loan from any bank. You can prepare your loan application to mention your resources and the necessary information in it and submit it for approval. 50k is a small amount even local banks will approve your loan application and provide you with the loan. You can invest this loan amount in the small business that we are going to discuss. You can also lend this amount to your relatives and also your friends everyone is able to lend you this amount. Then you can invest this money to start a business for your prosperity.

Small scale farming

If you have 50k as an investment and you have also a piece of fertile land. You can start farming on small scale. This a very easy and simple business that will give you a lot of experience and with the passage of time will grow up your farming business and get more loans for farming. Farming is very easy and started with a short investment. All you need is to sow the land after cultivating it, after if you can irrigate your land. When the seeds start germination this will raise your confidence and give you hope.

With regular irrigation and with the use of fertilizer and pesticide sprays you can raise your crop. Your hard work will yield will you harvest your crop and sell it after filling your need. Your investment will be returned with a good amount of profit. In farming, there are fewer chances of loss because you can sell your crop and also utilize it for your kitchen. If you notice that the rate of the crop is falling rapidly you have to sell your all crop. And if the rates are raising the weight of the suitable rate and sell your crop.

Food corners

If you have experience in cooking then you can use your talent and your experience by starting your food business. you can get a small space in the market and start your food corner. This is one of the businesses that could be started with a small investment. The food business is also a business that will never end even after saturation. This business will defiantly run and grow even in the food market.

If you provide a portion of quality food to your customers they will like your food and will visit your shop again in the future. Taste is the only thing that attracts more people. Some people have experience in cooking but they are not even ready to start a business because they are afraid of lost. But I would like to tell them that the profit and loss both are part of the business. If they face loss then they defiantly get profit from their business.

Laundry shop

Laundry is also a small business idea that requires a very short amount of investment. You can start this business from 50k, by investing this amount you will get all equipment and do the essential maintenance of your shop. After this, there is no more need for money you can start working. The people will give you their clothes and you can wash and press them by charging the money. This business is also a very good business idea. You can open o laundry shop in the market, in hostels, and also in residential societies. The customers will find your shop because they need your services. If you facilitate them they will like your work and this thing is too much beneficial for you.

Car wash business

You can also start a car wash business with a 50k investment.  Also you can get a small space at any petrol pump and also make your own shop anywhere else. You can buy all the equipment that is essential for a car wash within your investment amount. Car washing is also an easy business there is no need for any expertise in washing cars. You can easily wash your customer’s car using equipment. There is no need for extra employees you can do all your work. These things make this business easy and everyone can start a car wash business. All you need to do is the correct use of the equipment and the products like detergents. And sponges that are going to be used while wash the car.


In this article, you can learn how you can start a business form a 50k investment. Different small business ideas are also available in this article. If you have an interest in starting any of the above businesses you can do it by simply following the steps given in this article. And make your business successful. You can also advertise your business which will make your business famous, and also your business will become a brand. If you are not able to arrange 50k for your business. Then you can get a business loan easily from any government and a local bank. This is the easiest way to arrange investment for your business. You can start your business from this amount and then return the money back when your business will start giving a profit.