Your Guide To The Incredible Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix


Your Guide To The Incredible Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix

This hybrid, which is often referred to as Border Aussies or Australian Collies, is quite the package. The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, t

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This hybrid, which is often referred to as Border Aussies or Australian Collies, is quite the package.

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, two purebred dogs renowned for being excellent herders, were combined to create this hybrid breed. They are both very active, clever, and loving dogs. So how about their hybrid offspring?

What Is A Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Blue Merle are, as the name suggests, Australian Shepherds with Blue Merle coats. There is no such thing as a “Australian Shepherd with Blue Merle rather, these dogs are just regular Aussies with a unique coat pattern.

What Is The Origin Of The Border Collie And Australian Shepherd Breeds

The Herding Group of the American Kennel Club includes both the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix. They have a long history of being bred to herd cattle and sheep on ranches and farms.

Let’s get a better idea of what to anticipate from the Border Australian by learning about the advantages and peculiarities of the two purebred parents. Meet the Border collie, the canine genius.

Situated in the Anglo Scottish Border, Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix were once known as the Scotch Sheepdog. They are the offspring of the Viking spitz herders and the ancient Romans.

However the genealogy of most Borders is traceable back to northern England about the 1890s. Old Hemp, a legendary sheepdog, is well-known for his intelligence and obedience.

What Does An Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix Look Like

Border Terriers are more closely related to Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix. They feature floppy ears on a mesencephalic head, and eyes that may be brown, blue, and green.

Complete heterochromia is a possibility with this cross (one eye has a different color than the other). A heterochromia Border Australian on a grass

The Australian Border cross, like their parents, has piercing eyes that betray no hesitation in using their might.

How Big Do Australian Shepherds-Border Collie Mixes Get

Border Australians are medium-to-large dogs with stocky builds.

A Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppy will attain its maturity or full size when they’re approximately 12-15 months old. Guys are 19–23 inches (48–58 cm) tall and weigh 35–65 pounds (16 to 29 kg).

Females are somewhat smaller at roughly 18 to 21 inches (46 to 53 cm) and may weigh 30 to 50 pounds (14 to 23 kg) (14 to 23 kg).

When Border Collie genes are included in a designer breed, the dog’s size and activity level will always determine its home fit.

The Australian Border’s Characteristics and Temperament

Most crossbreeds have qualities that are difficult to foresee since their purebred parents are distinct from one other. This mix is ideal since Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix are herding dogs.

Border Australians are kind, active, obedient, and loyal. If you’re concerned about barking and wailing, this is a peaceful breed that has a tranquil demeanor. They’re not loud until they’re excited.

While this mix is a terrific friend, it frequently herds family members, including youngsters and adults.

How to Teach a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd Mix

They may crowd, squeeze, or overprotect their family. Border Australians require training and socialization. Early exposure and discipline will help children and pets coexist.

A competent handler must train. Train and bond with your pet if you have expertise with working or herding dogs. Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix crossbreeds are clever. They’re simple to teach and love to please.

Australian Borders learn rapidly, so you won’t have to repeat classes. Kids learn effectively via hand signals and spoken directions.

Owners of this designer species should create challenges, jokes, and puzzles. Fetch, agility, fly ball, and other dog sports are provided in addition to exploring new areas and activities for your dog. These are great beginning points for keeping your pet happy and healthy.


The thick coat of this dog begs for regular brushing. This dog sheds a lot, therefore you should brush its coat at least four or five times a week. If your hair becomes too long, you must trim it. Cleaning, drying, and frequently checking for infections are all essential for healthy ears.

Australian Borders’ Diet and Lifestyle

It’s important to note that the quantity of food your pet needs will change as they become older, bigger, and more active. Occasionally, even health concerns become a factor.

A Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix should typically be fed dry kibbles twice daily. As treats, they would also like veggies and fresh fruits. Nevertheless, if you want to put this hybrid to work, you’ll need to feed it a diet designed for herding dogs. It should be greater in protein to support their endurance and energy for herding.

Working Border Australians need roughly 1,400 calories each day. That’s 300 extra per day as compared to feeding this breed as merely a home pet.

Due to the higher protein content, wet food may be good for working dogs. Keep in mind that they contain more fat. For this reason, dry kibbles are recommended for feeding.


This breed seems to be healthy as far as we are aware. Its usual lifetime is between 12 and 15 years, with 13 being the median.

Do you think the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is a wonderful breed of dog? What could be better than a buddy who is both intelligent and humorous? Even on the gloomiest of days, this puppy is certain to brighten your mood.

Are Border Aussies Difficult To Care For

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is not recommended for new dog owners. They demand an experienced owner who knows working breed mentality. Their need for constant physical stimulation makes city living inappropriate for them.

Patience, not challenge, is required of the Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix. Puppies need adequate training to prevent herding. They may be excellent dogs, but they require lots of time!

These hybrids are loving and enjoyable pets if you put in the effort.