Bollard Installation Instructions


Bollard Installation Instructions

Security bollard installation is the process of attaching a security bollard in a public space, like a carpark. These secure additions can help bolste

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Security bollard installation is the process of attaching a security bollard in a public space, like a carpark. These secure additions can help bolster the security of outdoor facilities, but they can also add a decorative touch to the outdoor area! In this blog, we explore how you can install a bollard in your outdoor facility! 

Is a Bollard Right for Your Project?

A security bollard installation can be an essential piece of protection for a property, business or public facility. To ensure that the installation is correct for your project, you should consider a few key factors.

You should consider  the type of security bollard that you want to use, as well as its size, the material it’s made out of and the colour you want it to be. Another thing to factor in is the bollard’s ideal location, as the intended location can inform the size of the bollard you may require. The location of the bollard will also help you determine what things, if any, may obstruct the bollard from all sides. 

You should also estimate the size of your building and its outdoor surroundings. Before beginning the installation, measure the area in which you will need to place a bollard. This will allow you to create an accurate plan for a sound bollard installation process.

Another thing to consider is who the bollard will be benefiting. Once you have estimated the size of the bollard’s location, you should work out who will be using it – from police officers to tenants.

Board Installation Process

If you are wondering how to properly install a security bollard in your business or if you have ever had one installed in the past, you need to understand the process. A security bollard can help mitigate any unauthorised access to your premises, and as such, it needs to be installed correctly in order for it to function optimally. 

Prior to installation, you should determine the purpose of the bollard. Some bollards may be used for security purposes only, while others may be utilised for general protection in a carpark or outdoor area. Make sure you understand what type of bollard will be installed before beginning the installation process.

During the installation process, you should understand how to install the correct pier style and material according to the manufacturer’s instructions. There are many different types of pier materials available, so make sure you choose one that will meet your specific needs and wants.

How to Measure and Install the Board

Installing a security bollard is an essential piece of security for your building and its outdoor surroundings. Proper installation will ensure that the bollard is in place and effective. This can help protect vulnerable areas and mitigate any unauthorised individuals. 

Conclusion (Bollard Installation)

Your bollard can help bolster security in a number of areas, such as car parks and public areas. When installing your bollard of choice, ensure you follow the instructions carefully, which will make the process of installing the bollard much less complicated and time-consuming. Though when in doubt, consult a bollard specialist – they can help you with your bollard installation!