Best way to Clean Outdoor or Indoor Furniture with a Pressure Washer


Best way to Clean Outdoor or Indoor Furniture with a Pressure Washer

Cleaning with pressure washer is best way to clean outdoor or indoor furniture can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be with the help of a p

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Cleaning with pressure washer is best way to clean outdoor or indoor furniture can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be with the help of a pressure washer. Pressure washing is an easy and effective way to give your furniture a deep clean and make them look brand new again. Not only that, it can also provide proactive stain protection and make cleaning up messes quicker and easier. Here are some of the best ways to use a pressure washer for outdoor or indoor furniture:

Set the Correct Pressure Setting:

The pressure setting on your pressure washer is important when cleaning any surface, but especially delicate materials like wood or wicker. If the pressure is, too high, it can damage your furniture and if it is, too low it will not be as effective at cleaning. It is recommended to set the pressure around 1000-1300 PSI when working with wood and 700-1000 PSI when working with wicker.

Clean From Top to Bottom:

Start by spraying from top to bottom of the piece of furniture you’re working on to get rid of any loose dirt and grime first before applying cleaner or soap. This will make sure that any areas that are difficult to reach will be taken care of during this initial pass instead of after you have applied your cleaner.

Choose The Right Cleaner:

There are many cleaners specifically designed for use with a pressure washer, so make sure you do your research before buying one. Most are mild detergents, but some may include harsh chemicals that could damage your furniture, so choose wisely.

Let Furniture Dry Before Using:

Once you have finished cleaning and rinsing off all surfaces let them air dry for at least 24 hours before using them again to ensure they are completely dry and there is no leftover moisture lingering on them. This will also allow any protective treatments that you might have used on the furniture time to take effect and last longer as well.

5 Tips for Pressure washing your Furniture


Using a pressure washer is an excellent way to keep your outdoor or indoor furniture looking its best while providing extra protection against future stains or messes. By following these tips, you can ensure that your furniture looks great all year round while keeping maintenance quick and easy.

  1. Start by rinsing the area with plain water from a garden hose before you begin power washing, as this will remove any loose particles that may damage or clog the washer.
  2. Use a mild cleaning solution specifically formulated for pressure washing when appropriate, never use soap that’s intended for dishes or laundry on furniture surfaces, as it can be too harsh and cause damage.
  3. Adjust the nozzle setting on the power washer according to the manufacturer’s instructions, keeping in mind that higher settings should only be used on more resilient surfaces such as concrete, while lower settings are ideal for delicate materials like wood or fabric.
  4. Don’t aim the nozzle directly at joints, hinges, fabrics, and other sensitive parts of the furniture, as this could lead to serious damage over time.
  5. Rinse the furniture one last time with a garden hose afterwards and allow it to air dry before using it again. This step helps prevent staining or residue left behind by any soaps or detergents used during the power washing process.

Pressure washing is an easy way to quickly clean outdoor furniture without having to break out a bucket of soap and scrubbing brush each time – just remember these tips for safe and effective results.


Can you pressure wash your indoor wood furniture?

Stains on wooden surfaces are easily removed with a pressure wash. Go for it if the task you want to finish is washing the stain off your deck. But if you want to leave stains on the wood, stay away from using a power washer to clean it.

Does pressure washing wood damage it?

Power washing a wood deck should ideally not dissolve or etch the softwood fibres, harming the wood. Wood may, however, have its fibres stand up when it is wet, giving the surface a rough appearance. This is especially problematic for handrails since the higher fibres there may splinter and need to be ground down.

why it’s not a good idea to pressure wash wood?

Power washer pressure might break or damage the fibres in your deck boards if they are made of wood. If the timber surface already has any splintering, pressure cleaning will just accentuate it.

What should be used to wash wood?

Ideally, you want to make use of a detergent designed especially for cleaning wood. A simple solution consisting of a half-cup of distilled white vinegar, a half-cup of warm water, and a teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing detergent will also work to repair it.

How much pressure should I use to clean wood?

When cleaning a hardwood deck, it is advisable to use the lowest pressure setting that is still effective. For soft woods like cedar or pine, this is normally between 500 and 600 psi. For tougher woods, it might achieve pressures of 1200 to 1500 psi.