Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

The choice of a lawyer plays a significant role in the success of your case. Having a competent lawyer to act on your behalf could be the difference between walking away with nothing and recovering the maximum amount possible in an injury claim.

Like everywhere else, Bakersfield injury law is typically complex and that’s why you might need the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Bakersfield to increase the success odds. Besides, the defendant or the faulting party will be legally represented– so should you. So what should you do to ensure your lawyer is reliable and competent?

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

There are many instances you’ll need the help of a legal expert, including lost claims, breach of contracts, personal injury, wrongful termination, wrongful imprisonment, and much more. The benefits of hiring a lawyer include:

1. Filling Legal Documents

In filling out or filing legal documents, you might struggle with various issues, such as meeting deadlines and court protocols without a legal background or the help of an attorney. You might also need the expertise of a lawyer when filing an insurance claim but with a lawyer, this will no longer be a challenge as the lawyer will handle all your paperwork.

2. Right Connections

Legal professionals are well connected and they know whom to contact in any situation, which ensures you’re well represented. Also, lawyers can access expert witnesses and private detectives easily. In other words, they have the right connections with the right people, such as judges, clerks, prosecutors, and the police. Such relationships can help in reducing the applicable penalties, plea bargaining, and fair treatment.

3. Confidentiality

An attorney’s job is not only to be a legal adviser but also to be a present help in times of need. Competent lawyers have experience in dealing with similar–meaning they understand your plight. Anything you tell your lawyer should be kept confidential so you won’t have to worry about the privacy of your secrets.

Duties of a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you hire an attorney to take up your case, they assume multiple roles–which can be specified or implied. Such roles can include:

1. Defending your Rights

You’re likely ignorant of your rights if you do not have a legal background that could have a bearing on your case. For instance, every American is entitled to a fair and just judicial process. If you’re not aware of your rights, you could be subjected to an unfair judicial process and exploitation. Such challenges can be avoided by involving an experienced lawyer when filing legal action.

2. Challenging the Defence

The defendant will likely be prepared to defeat your claim and that’s where the services of an experienced personal injury attorney can be helpful. Proving your claim takes more than just stating that the defendant was responsible for the accident.

What if the defendant denies responsibility for the accident? You’ll then be required to prove your claim beyond any doubt–meaning you’ll need the services of a lawyer if you don’t have a legal background.

3. Appealing Seemingly Unfair Court Rulings

Supposing your injury claim is thrown out just because the judge doesn’t like you or for some other unjustifiable reason. What would do if you don’t have a lawyer to represent you? You’ll probably count your loss and move on. Supposing you have a lawyer to act on your behalf, what would you do? You’ll appeal the case. Therefore, an injury lawyer can help you appeal unfair court rulings.

Qualities of a Competent Attorney

Competent attorneys possess certain qualities  that you should look out for when hiring one, including:

1. A Reliable Attorney should be a Role Model

This means that they should be:

  • Proactive and can think outside the box.
  • Reliable and available when needed.
  • Honest and confident.

2. Oozing Positive Energy

This means that a reliable attorney should be capable of motivating their clients at all times– particularly when there’s no hope.

3. Competent Lawyers are organized

This means that they manage issues excellently in most cases if not all. In other words, they excel in file management, working methodically, time management, and meeting deadlines.

4. Passionate

Research shows that passion and success are joined at the hip. Simply put, passionate lawyers like what they do and they’re like to excel. Consequently, your lawyer must possess this attribute if you expect them to represent your case successfully.

5. Excellent Communicator

This means that your lawyer must be:

  • Proficient in English, written and verbal.
  • Comfortable with emails, video calls, telephones, and audio calls.

6. Attentive to Detail

  • Meticulous/ punctilious attention to facts and details.
  • Constant updates on progress.

The choice of your lawyer plays a significant role in the outcome of your case. Consequently, choose your attorney wisely for the best outcome.