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Philosophy is one of the rewarding and interesting subjects that teach people how to think and how to react to the world. However, UK schools focus more on that subject because it is very good for the people, their health and the entire environment. Here the question is what are the best schools in the UK to study philosophy? The answer is…

Best philosophy schools in the UK

Getting the best school in philosophy has become difficult for the students in the UK because everyone claims that they provide the best education even they don’t. Therefore, students become worried while choosing it. So, to overcome this problem, here are some of the best institutes to study philosophy.

Oxford University

Oxford University is one of the top universities in the UK even it is ranked #2 in Qs Global world ranking 2022. A second-oldest university which is founded in 1096, considered a great center for philosophy

Oxford University contains more than 50 permanent faculty members for philosophy having years of experience. This number is the largest as compared to other departments.

Reasons to choose Oxford University

  • It has professors having years of experience
  • Faculty provides a range of joint courses related to philosophy.
  • Oxford graduate will not only be known in the UK, however but he/she will also be known in the entire world. Even, the average salary can be £43,000.

University of St Andrews

It is also one of the leading schools/universities in the UK for studying philosophy. It is also Scotland’s oldest and highest-ranking university, founded in 140 and is ranked on #92 in the world and 18th in the Qs world ranking.

It offers a variety of areas of philosophy including epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, and political philosophy. There are two philosophical research in St Andrews: the center for ethics, philosophy and public affairs (CEPPA), and the Arched Philosophical Research Centre for the philosophy of logic, language, metaphysics, and epistemology.

Reasons to choose University of St Andrews

  • High student satisfaction.
  • Global ranking and reputation that will help students to secure their career
  • A student who graduated from St Andrews won’t face difficulties being an employee

University of Cambridge

Cambridge University considered one of the world’s top universities, was founded in 1209. It is ranked #8 in the best global universities.

Essentially, Cambridge University offers the UK’s most well-known and well-known philosophy degree. It has 30 more experienced faculty members for the philosophy that provide students with unique kind information.

Cambridge University teaches students ethics and political philosophy and formal philosophy in their first year of the program while in second and third-year students have to choose three subjects among the following:

  • History of Analytic Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Greek and Roman Philosophy
  • Early modern philosophy
  • Epistemology
  • Political Philosophy
  • Experimental Philosophy

Reasons to choose Cambridge University

  • The workload is very regular
  • Allow students to enjoy their life along with their studies. Sometimes, teachers help students to find the best Philosophy Essay Writing Service UK because they are aware that sometimes these services can also teach students in a better way.
  • Recognized in the entire world.

Durham University

Durham University was founded in 1832 and is currently ranked 88th in the world according to the QS world ranking, and ranked 5th in the UK.

Durham University is not only famous for philosophy but is also known for providing quality education in Arts and Humanities. However, studying philosophy at Durham University will enable you to analyze different kinds of evidence, how to detect anything, and will able to know how to solve any problem efficiently.

Although it provides different kinds of departments, the most prestigious department is the philosophy department because it has a very friendly environment and mostly focuses on students.

Reasons to choose Durham University

  • Magical location
  • Make it easier for the employability

Lancaster University

It was founded in 2010 and is ranked #132 among 1000 universities, according to the QS World University ranking and 15th out of 101 UK universities.

This university offers different departments including politics, philosophy, and religion which was formed in 2010.  These departments provide a broad range of tasks and engage the student by providing them with something unique knowledge.

Reasons to choose Lancaster University

  • Highly ranked
  • Graduates are in demand
  • The employability rate is too high

University of Southampton

The University of Southampton was founded in 1862, situated in the city of Southampton, on the south coast of England. This university comes under the top 100 universities in the world according to the QS world university ranking.

The University of Southampton is very famous because of its research-intensive and has the only engineering faculty in the UK to receive the highest ranking in the latest research excellence framework.

Philosophy is also a well-known subject at the University of Southampton. Mostly it addresses topics such as global poverty, ideology, and propaganda. Here undergraduate and postgraduate programs aim to provide an understanding of the main areas of philosophy.

Reasons to choose the University of Southampton

  • The only institution having a global reputation for research excellence framework.
  • Its degree is well recognized in the entire world.

University of Warwick

The University of Warwick was founded in 1963. A British university situated in Coventry, west midland, England. In 2000, Warwick named medical school was also founded so that they can also provide the training to the doctors. This university comes under the 144 best global universities.

This university provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD-level philosophy. At the bachelor’s level, you will get basic information for the philosophy, while in MA, you will get the opportunity to study philosophy at an advanced level.

The philosophy department at the University of Warwick is too amazing because it has the world’s best researchers who share their years of experience among the students and make them able to be a good philosophers.

Reasons to choose the University of Warwick

  • Students will get proper campus life
  • Academic reputation
  • Well known degree in the entire world
  • Support students to make their careers bright.

Final thoughts

Have you ever seen students looking for online services such as custom essay help service online, assignment writing services, etc. ever noticed why students need such service even after getting enrolled in the top universities? It happens when students do not get an education according to their desire. This is why students try to find online services to study in a better way. Therefore, in this article, we have provided you with those institutes where you will get the desired knowledge regarding philosophy and also with some other subjects

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