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online shopping store in pakistan

Online business is spreading everywhere in Pakistan. Many vendors and retailers are making their websites and trying to approach the public through E-commerce. Electronic commerce is used to sell and purchase products. 

Pakistan is a developing country that is currently using advanced technologies and trends to make things run more smoothly, benefiting both individuals and the country’s economy.

Many online stores are offering products such as electronics, clothes, groceries, machinery, smartphones, etc. You can use all payment methods like Cash on delivery, and online payment. In Pakistan, people prefer cash on delivery methods. 

One important thing is whom to trust? Because online scamming is increasing day by day. So, here we will tell you about some trustworthy and affordable online stores available in Pakistan

Top Five Best Online Stores in Pakistan

  1. Shopyourz

Shopyourz is an online store working in Pakistan. This is the best and most authentic and trustworthy online store in Pakistan. You can get everything at your doorstep with the fastest delivery. Here you can get groceries, electronics, machinery, home appliances, and many more. This company is not only for customers but also for small vendors in towns. They can sell their products by using its platform and can earn a good profit. 

This store is trustworthy and very affordable. The best thing about this store is they are offering delivery of products in a single day in Lahore and spreading their services all over Pakistan. You can refund or replace your products on their policy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product then you can replace the product. If you want some groceries on emergency bases then you can visit this store and get your product in a very short time. It also offers online sales promotions which can be useful for customers. Shopyourz is working 24 hours and 7 days a week to assist their customers. This store is the best platform for online shopping lovers because they can get everything very easily.

  • Buy one, get one free.
  • It offers big discounts of up to 50% on their products
  • This company offers free home delivery in a single day


Daraz is the largest online marketplace working on national and international platforms. They have been working since 2012 and were founded by a German company. Daraz was associated with the Chinese company Alibaba group which was founded in 1999. 

They have a wide range of products like electronics, sofas, kitchen materials, watches, smartphones, etc. Their best-selling products are electronics, smartphones, and toys. 

This company gives discounts by starting their exciting promotions like Daraz 11.11. They give discounts in November and try to catch the attention of the public. It is the biggest discount offer from this company. You can get your favorite products by participating in a sales gala. It is also a trustworthy and authentic online store that is working in Pakistan. 

  • Attracting people through their exciting sales promotions
  • It has a wide range of products so you can get everything here.


Telemart is working both online and physically. It has a large number of electronic products like laptops, smartphones, gadgets, and all types of accessories. This store is specific for electronics so you can get electronic devices from here. As this company is dealing with electronics, they get some complaints regarding devices. But mostly all devices are authentic and warrantied. 

So, you can shop your electronics devices through their platform. If you have some trust issues regarding any gadget then you can visit their store physically. In Pakistan, people get afraid to buy online electronic products but this store is genuine and authentic. So, try this store at least once. 

Other than this they are launching other products like shoes, shirts and other things. This store is giving discounts so you can easily afford your favorite electronic product. They launched discount cards which are also beneficial for customers.

  • This is the largest platform for online electronic appliances in Pakistan 
  • This is trustworthy and authentic.


One of the largest online stores working in Pakistan. This store is well-reputed and trustworthy. You can get everything through this platform but iShopping is well known for electronic devices and accessories. You can get LEDs, computers, electronic appliances, juicers, ovens, sandwich toasters, and many other things.

The price rate of this store is a little bit high as compared to other stores but they offer discounts on their products. They offer their products in installments and try to make the product affordable for all customers.

 The quality of products is very good. The process of exchange policy is very easy. TCS is the brand partner of this online store that provides the best courier services in Pakistan.

  • iShopping sells its products in installments so everyone can buy their favorite products
  • This company has an easy exchange policy which is good for customers 


Retail is an online store that is working nationally and internationally. This company is based on a B2B strategy and approaches small vendors and retailers. You can buy and sell your products through their store. It is beneficial for both customers and shopkeepers. Customers can buy products in bulk and retailers can sell their products and earn profit.

You can get everything such as groceries, electronics, and many other things. Retail is working as an agent between vendors and customers. This is well-reputed and trustworthy because this company owns its customers and tries to give quality work.

  • It facilitates its small vendors and provides the best opportunity to earn profit.
  •  You can get a mega discount on bulk purchases. 


These are all top online stores working in Pakistan. They are providing their best services in a very good way. If you want to shop online you can choose these stores. Because these stores are trustworthy, well-reputed, and provide the best services in Pakistan. These online companies are performing well. These companies are giving sales promotions and giving quality products to their audience. So, these are the authentic and affordable online stores in Pakistan. Keep online shopping, keep enjoying.  
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