Best hoverboards: comparison and buying guide


Best hoverboards: comparison and buying guide

In this guide to the best hover board uk we will compare the most valid models on the market and provide a complete overview of how to choose the mode

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In this guide to the best hover board uk we will compare the most valid models on the market and provide a complete overview of how to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Electric micro-mobility is an increasingly evolving phenomenon and promises to change the face of our cities. This was also demonstrated by the famous bonus on electric mobility. which gave the right to reimbursement for the purchase of an electric bike , an electric scooter , a monowheel or, indeed, a hoverboard .

These devices, also called self-balance scooters , two-wheeled skateboards or self-balancing skateboards, have had a boom in popularity, which has seen them spread rapidly. As with segways and unicycles, clarifications are expected soon about the regulatory situation, which is still a bit confusing .

The market, although young, can be defined as already mature and full of valid options. Below you can find reviews of some of them. What is a hoverboard: how does it work
The appearance of a hoverboard or self balanced scooter vaguely resembles that of a skateboard and for this reason it is incorrectly called a two-wheeled skateboard. However, the working mechanism is profoundly different.

Hoverboards are in fact equipped with an integrated weight sensor, which sends signals to the electronic board and to a gyroscope, which in turn activate the vehicle’s engine . This brings the platform back into axis and allows the device to move and brake.
The technology, simple and futuristic at the same time, explains the name of self-balancing scooter. In fact, the action of the motor “balances” the inclination due to the weight shift and this keeps the platform parallel to the road surface.

Normally the weight sensor of hoverboards is very sensitive and accurate . This allows the scooter to respond immediately to even the slightest movement of the driver. For example, shifting your body weight slightly to the right will cause the hoverboard to immediately move in that direction. It takes some practice at first, but after some practice anyone can master the craft. To be able to do evolutions, twirl and pirouette, however, it will take more patience.

How to choose a hoverboard

Structure and design of a self-balancing scooter

A hoverboard consists of a platform with two non-slip footrests and two wheels of variable diameter. The structure is very compact and light (usually these devices do not weigh more than 12 kg) and lend themselves perfectly to being transported on public transport, more than a folding electric bike , for example.

The wheels, as mentioned, have a variable diameter expressed in inches. The higher this value, the better the stability of the hoverboard and its ability to tackle rough terrain such as dirt roads. Some models have a LED light system mounted directly on the wheels, whose colors and animations can be customized using the dedicated app.

What is the top speed of a self balance scooter?

The maximum speed of a hoverboard can vary from just over 10 Km/h, up to even exceeding 20 Km/h (these are high-end models). In addition to the engine, it is influenced by various factors, including the road surface, gradient and the weight of the driver.

Most of the models on the market find it difficult to easily exceed 15 km/h, a lower peak speed than other electric vehicles, but significantly higher than a brisk walk.

Although the speeds reached are not high, it is always advisable to wear a helmet and not let anyone under the age of 12 use the vehicle.

What is the maximum weight supported?

The maximum supported weight, also called capacity, expresses the maximum load that the hoverboard is able to support. Usually, the range goes from 100 to 120 kg , although there are models on the market that can support even more than 150 kg. The advice is to respect these indications, in order to avoid breakdowns and malfunctions of the device.

Battery and range

A hoverboard’s battery determines how much mileage it can go on a single charge. Obviously, the calculation cannot be objective and must necessarily take into account various aspects, including speed, the weight of the driver and road conditions.

Usually the hoverboards on the market guarantee an autonomy that can go from 10-12 km to 20-25 km in the more advanced models, for a maximum of about two hours of continuous use.
Hoverboard: features and other functions to evaluate
Some self-balancing electric scooters offer some additional features and functionality that can enrich the overall riding experience.

Among these, we recall the presence in some models of a Bluetooth audio speaker system , which can be controlled directly via the app on the smartphone .

Through the latter it is possible to monitor various parameters, such as the speed traveled and the distance, but also to customize some aspects such as the lighting of the wheels.

Accessories for hoverboards

The supplied accessories and those that can be purchased separately do not represent a fundamental selection criterion but can still influence the final choice. Among the most appreciated Hoverboard Christmas Sale certainly a bag or bag for transport, stickers and protections for the platform. Hoverboards can be fitted with a structure with a steering wheel and seat, which makes these devices real electric go-karts.