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What is SEO How to do SEO Why SEO is important. SEO has a huge contribution to bring any website to Google Search. SEO kya hai in hindi in details As we know, no matter how good we write a post, but if it is to be ranked in Google, then it is very important to do SEO well for it, along with search engine optimization. There are other things. Which can improve search engine optimization. Complete information about Search Engine Optimization is given below in this article. Read this article completely to get complete information about SEO.

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SEO so that your blog becomes search engine friendly for me.

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  1.  Advanced SEO Settings

Friends, we have told you earseolier that blogging on the blogspot platform is very easy, if you want information about blogger then read this post how to make a blog on google blogger.

Let’s take information on Blogger’s SEO feature, but when it comes to Blogspot’s Search Engine Optimization settings, then this post is for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization

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There are many such things in Blogger’s Settings My Search Preferences option, which is very important for us to know, so that we can do SEO setting of our blog well.

The most important meeting of Blogs made on Blogspot is ‘Search Preferences’, which we should do very well. A small mistake can beat our blog from Google search, friends, let’s know how Blogspot does the SEO settings of the blog.

Meta Tag Description

Meta Tag Description Description of what kind of information our blog provides or the type of articles we make public on our site appears on Google when we search for our blog title.

This description appears below the title of our blog, so by filling in the detailed information about your blog, save it, we can write about your blog in 150 words.

2. Custom Page Not Found

Error 404 (Page Not Found) is a common occurrence when blogging, and a bit more specifically on Blogspot. Such a problem comes on blogger when we remove our public post day by day.

During that time that post comes up in google search and clicking on login shows the problem in page not found (error 403), don’t worry we can set it now, you can fix it by redirecting the old link to the new one can do.

3. Custom Redirects

If any page is removed from us while blogging then we can redirect it i.e. we can refer the removed visitors to our other page, we publish separate article about how to redirect visitors.

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, this means whenever you write a new contact or post and put it in your website or blog, at that time keyword placement, heading, image optimization, external linking, internal linking inside the post is done in the post. This process is called SEO. Whenever we people search anything about anything in Google or any other search engine. So there the first results appear in the top. Those who see the result of the website at the top. He appears at the top because his search engine optimization has been done.

What is SEO

To bring any website to the first position in Google or to improve its ranking, it is very important to do search engine optimization. Because without search engine optimization the ranking and position of any website cannot be corrected. Therefore, if you want to fix any website, then it is necessary to fix its SEO for that.

When a keyword is searched in Google Search or any search engine. And all the below results are visible there. Many such results are also visible in it. Which is not visible on the first page of Google. Search engine optimization is very important to come on the first page of Google. After doing search engine optimization of a website, its ranking improves. At the same time, that website can also be brought to the first position of Google. That’s why search engine optimization is very important.

5. Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom Robot Header Tags for Blogger is the latest and most important feature of Google’s BlogSpot. This is the best and easiest way to control robot behavior for your blog. By launching this feature, Google makes Blogger more SEO friendly and suitable for blogging. Let’s see how to do it.

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