6 Amazing Features of Granite Countertops


6 Amazing Features of Granite Countertops

Granite is such a popular choice because it's relatively affordable considering its durability. You can do everything with granite countertops except

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Granite is such a popular choice because it’s relatively affordable considering its durability. You can do everything with granite countertops except wear them out.

Granite is one of the most popular materials for countertops because it is durable, resistant to heat and scratches, and easy to clean. While granite countertops have been around for centuries, they are still a popular choice in kitchens today. If you’re thinking about installing granite countertops in your home, here are some of their key features:

1. Durability

Granite is one of the hardest natural minerals and therefore is highly resistant to almost all acids, alkalis and salts. Granite has very good stability and does not stain or fade. It will retain its original color throughout its lifetime, even under extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall. Because it’s so durable, granite is often used in high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms where there are lots of spills from food preparation or cleaning products (like bleach).

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2. Low maintenance

Granite is naturally stain resistant. You can clean it with soap and water, or use mild abrasives to remove any stains that may occur. A stone sealer will also be helpful in preventing further staining.

3. Resistant to scratches

A granite countertop is resistant to scratches and dents. Granite is a very hard stone, so you won’t be able to scratch it with a sharp knife or spoon. You can also try denting it with a hammer, the granite will not dent as easily as other types of stone would, such as marble or limestone. However, if you put enough pressure on your granite countertop with a heavy object (like a hammer). There’s no doubt that it will chip off some pieces of material from the top layer of stone!

4. Heat resistant

Granite is a natural stone that can be heated up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the heat, the faster it will cool down and become safe to touch again. If you are going to use your granite countertops as a cooking surface, make sure that they are protected with an additional heat resistant material such as Corian or Silestone (two common alternatives).

You should also never place hot pots or pans directly onto your granite countertops. This can cause cracking in these natural stones as well as damage their appearance over time.

5. Stain resistant

One of the best things about granite countertops is that they are stain resistant. Granite is naturally resistant to stains and will not absorb liquids like other natural stones do. Making it a good choice if you have kids or pets that may leave behind messes while they’re eating or playing around your kitchen.

To keep your granite looking its best after years of use, make sure to clean it regularly with soap and water. If something does get on the surface of the stone (like wine or other food). Try using a dry cloth first before resorting to chemicals like bleach or ammonia-based cleaners that could damage its finish over time.

6. Non-porous and hygienic

Granite is non-porous and hygienic. It does not allow bacteria to grow, which means that it does not absorb stains or odors. Granite is also easy to clean, requiring only soap and water or a mild detergent when you need to clean it.


Granite countertops are a great choice for any kitchen. They’re durable, easy to maintain and can withstand high temperatures. Incorporate granite into your kitchen and improve your kitchen functionality and décor. If you have any questions about granite countertops or our services, please contact us today.