Amazing facts about big Meech’s wife


Amazing facts about big Meech’s wife

Introduction Big Meech, belongs to a mafia family that was founded in 1985. The two brothers from southwest Detroit Demetrius Flenory known as “big M

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Big Meech, belongs to a mafia family that was founded in 1985. The two brothers from southwest Detroit Demetrius Flenory known as “big Meech” and terry “tee” flenory founded this mafia family. These two brothers established cocaine distribution in the most famous cities and areas of the United States. They made a lot of money and FAM during their period of distribution. The two brothers big Meech and tee flenory made resources in Los Angeles their resources are based upon drugs and other illegal things. These resources are the true reason for their fame and popularity. They rule this mafia till 2000 because they become wanted in this area that’s why they have to be underground to save their lives. Big Meech is the most popular character and this character is also used in different projects.

Many peoples are quires about big Meech because sometimes strange rumors will be spread. That is why a lot of people are searching for big Meech and his wife. If you are also queries about this character then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to discuss the early life and now a day life of big Meech and his wife. First of all big Meech is still alive and well, and much fake news will be spread at different times about the death of big Meech. But he is still alive and well. There are also different stories about big meech’s wife but still, there is no authentic news is not available. Meanwhile, big Meech many times introduced a lady as her wife at different places. But there are no pieces of evidence and public proof about her wife. He also has a girlfriend name is Lori they have living relation for a long time. Recently Lori revealed their daughter.

Big Meech wife

There are a lot of rumors about big Meech’s personal life and his wife. He introduced Mia Ferguson as his wife but there is no record in the public record. They both claimed that they are partners Mia Ferguson also belonged to a mafia family. Also, there is no more personal information is available about Ferguson. Many researchers are still searching for deep information about big Meech and his family. As you know that he is a drug supplier that’s why he wanted and living a quiet life. Research teams are also in search of it. If we will get any fresh information about bug Meech we will update this information. According to the public record big Meech doesn’t have a wife and he has never married.

Big Meech girlfriend

Big Meech also lived a living relationship with a girl named Lori walker. Recently Lori walker revealed his daughter with big Meech and her name is Manessa Mia hussy. She revealed her daughter but big Meech doesn’t there is a reaction shown by big Meech itself. So, this news is authentic. Much other news about his girlfriend and wife is also available on the internet. They have authenticity because there is no authentic proof is available that why we cannot rely on this news. As you know was a drug supplier that’s why he will not be seen in public places, he has to live a quiet life without showing his personal information. He is also a gangster that’s why people remain away from his personal life.


Does big Meech have any children? This is a frequently asked question. Big Meech has children because his wife Mia Ferguson also claimed that they have a son named Demetrious Flenory also known as lil Meech. Lil Meech is a music artist and also an actor. This 21-year-old lil Meech was born in Detroit. Demetrious Flenory has no association with criminal activities with his father due to his polite nature and mentality. His girlfriend Lori walker recently revealed her daughter with a big Meech named Manessa Mia hussy. This is individually revealed by her mother and there is no reaction shown by her father.


Big Meech was a drug supplier; he established the distribution of cocaine in big cities and big areas of the United States. Los Angeles is the most important place for his distribution. He has many girlfriends that are hidden from the public because he never revealed them publically. The only wife he introduced in his life is Mia Ferguson.