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kodachadri trek


Kodachadri is located in Shimoga district and it is one of the most spoken about trekking trails in Karnataka. The place is in the heart of Mookambika wildlife sanctuary. The kodachadri trek offers tourists an adventure, charm and experience that will remain throughout your lifetime.

The trek takes you through a village setting with paddy fields, thick forests, marvelous grasslands and a waterfall will make you fall in love.

Kodachadri is a mountain peak , which is the 10th highest peak. It is an elevation of 1300 ft. above sea level. The peak is located at a distance of 20 kms. Kollur which is famous for its Mookambika temple. Shimoga and Kundapur are the towns which is near to reach Kodachadri,

A Jeep ride from Kodachadri is available directly from Kollur for around ₹3,000. The ride gives you the bumpy but adventurous off roading experience. The view of sunset and sunrise gives you a breath-taking view.

Beauty Of kodachadri trek

It is one of the most beautiful treks in south india, in terms of sheer natural beauty kodachadri competes with another fantastic place in western ghats called Kudremukh. Kodachadri is one of the treks where you need to commute by 4 by 4 jeep.

Kodachadri is located in the heart of western ghats at a distance of 414 km from Bangalore, it is one of the west coasts. It can be an advantage to visit Malpe Beach on day 2 which is adjacent to Udupi town on the Konkan coast.

Agumbe Rainforest

The place is also home for another extraordinary place called the Agumbe Rainforest.

All the mountain areas in Karnataka which is named as a region called Malenadu. There is a famous song describing the unique culture, beauty and food.

Waterfalls, nature starts opening as we go up. You will encounter lush green farmland in the middle of the forest accompanied by plenty of banana plantations which probably belong to local forest and temple. One can see numerous hills, valleys, grasslands and birds eye views of surrounding forest. As we go near, one can see a special attraction that will welcome trekkers- a ridge walk where one side is the giant mountain and the other side is a deep valley.

Kodachadri in different seasons:

·      MONSOON:  

being in the heart western ghats, the months of June – September will bring plenty of rains to Kodachadri. Thick clouds, interval rains and leeches will constantly accompany trekkers. There will be a lot of water in Hidlumane waterfalls. Monsoon trek to Kodachadri, is famous among trekkers as it poses a different kind of experience. It involves visiting Malpe beach. One also explores Nagara Fort which turns very beautiful in these months with a green carpet of grass , rainfalls and rainforests, water always pools which are active in the season and beach towns to chill out.

·      WINTER:  

The months from October – January will attract plenty of trekkers. The rain reduces and the landscapes would have turned slightly misty. Good amount of water at Hidlumane to play with , usually the sunsets are also pretty. Nights are colder and evenings are cold. The beach is too colourful with a lot of tourists. Water sports and Saint Mary’s Island are open based on sea conditions which adds to the attraction. This is probably the best time for the trek.

·      SUMMER: 

in February- may offer a clear view for an amazing sunset view. The climate is warm but it is still good for trekking as the trek has a thick forest named Shola forest. One can rest and drink water in the Hidkumane waterfall and can take a ferry ride to Saint Mary’s Island at Malpe Beach. Hot sun and refreshing beach are a perfect duo to match.


1. The word Kodachadri in Sanskrit means “Jasmine of hills”

2. The altitude of Kodachadri is 1343m which is above the sea level and that is about 4400 ft. it is the 10th highest peak of Karnataka.

3. The trek is situated in Mookambika wildlife sanctuary with plenty of bio-diversities. Forests are home to Malabar Langur, Rock Python, King Cobra, Spotted Deer, Leopards etc.

4. One way, the distance of the trek is 11km . trekkers a\usually use jeep to come back to the ground.

5. With flowing waterfalls, it is a blessing for trekkers. The waterfall is named as Hidlumane

6. The difficulty level of the Kodachadri trek is moderate. People who have basic knowledge can attempt the trek.

7. It is famous for beautiful and mesmerizing winters and summers. The Arabian Sea could be spotted on clear days.

8. The stones found in these hills have magnetic properties with good content of iron ore zinc and manganese.


When it comes to trekking to Kodachadri. Having these tips sorted out and planned , the trip can be smoothly carried without any problems.

·  During packing, one should make sure that you have packed your essentials. It is necessary to pack a first aid kit and medications in case you need them.

·  Wear always trek friendly clothes that will not tie you down

·  One must carry water bottles.

·  Snacks should also be packed with you during the trek.

·  If you have camping in mind make sure that you have taken all you essential camping items with you.

·  Avoid carrying heavy items which will have no significance during trekking.

·  And most importantly one should get the necessary permissions beforehand.


The easiest and the most comfortable way to reach Kodachadri is to board a flight and book a cab till Nittur where you can stay and start a trek to Kodachadri trek the next day. One can take a train till Kundapura Railway Station and then take a cab till Nittur. Journey from the airport will take around 2 hrs. 30 min. and from Kundapura Railway Station it will take around 7 hrs.


One will cross through the Hidlumane Falls and walk through the dense forest around. Once you reach the first half of the mountain. Jeeps are the mode of transportation owing to the uneven roads. Camping is an option if you want to have the best out of the trip. The camping site is near Kodachadri information Bureau where you need to take permission to camp.


Second part of the trekking starts from the parking spot from Shankara Peetham. The final level of the trek includes 5km which will finally take you to Peetham. The spot is the 40 ft. iron pillar standing tall in front of the temple. It is believed that the rendition of the Trishul which Is used by Goddess Mookambika to kill Moonkasura.  

The kodachadri trek up to the ancient temple from this point involves a climb of 4 km through the thick jungle trails. Kollur is an ideal point to explore the hills. The name Kodachadri is derived from the Sanskrit word Kutaja which means jasmine of the hills.


·      Visit to Ganesh Guha and Sarvanja Peetha on the top of the trek where saint Adi Shankaracharya is said to have meditated. Ganesh Guha is a mysterious cave which enroute trekker trials and an ancient idol of Lord Ganesh can be found within the cave.

·  Hidlumane hills are 5km away from kodachadri. The reserve forest and adventurous trek to Hidlumane waterfalls will help you reconnect with the natural abundance.

·  During the sunset, enjoy the trek. On a clear day you might be able to see Arabian Sea at a distance same as Kollur Town

·  Arasinagundi Falls, Belakallu, Theertha Nagara Fort which is 6 km from Kollur.

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