Fri. Aug 12th, 2022
Gojek Clone

All in One App Solution like Gojek have completely changed the way people do business. The Super App has opened up a slew of new revenue prospects for developers, allowing them to customize popular apps like Gojek.

Super apps have been quite popular due to their convenience and ease of use. As a result of these changes, a number of companies are developing their own Customized Gojek Clone Business Model in order to compete with the similar marketplace apps.

Why Business Owners Are Choosing KingX 2022 App?

KingX 2022 is built on the Gojek Concept offering 82+ services neatly categorized under primary categories. The app is a cost-effective options who is looking to invest less and launch quickly.

Coming over to the significant reasons here we go:

It has user-friendly UX/UI

For any user, the first impression is the design and the navigation. The app is easy to use that even a novice can place order and pay. The design has been kept it such that the shopping experience is pleasurable. There is no hassle while making the payment. Thus keeping your users glued to the app, keep coming back for more.

Offering advanced-tech features

Your app will only stand out from your competitors when it has something new and different to provide. Most importantly, it is beneficial to your users saving their time and money.

App Development Company has designed All in One App Solution comprises of outstanding features and functionalities that is rare to find in any other app. The significant ones are:

  • Login Super App using Face ID/Finger print

In any case, your customer must first activate the Smart Login Feature by going to the “My Profile” tab and clicking on it. Then, Android users have the option of using their fingerprints to log in, whilst iOS users rely on Face IDs.  Thus shows that this app is trending among the Millennials for offering at their fingertips.

  • Online video consultation

The KINGX 2022 user now has the option of immediately consulting a doctor through video call. After the Session ends, money is promptly withdrawn from the Users’ Credit Card. Other professionals can be consulted, such as personal academic tutors to protect their children’s futures, and online sessions with yoga instructors and fitness coaches to lose those extra pounds. Psychiatrists, lawyers, and even astrologers should be added to this list.

  • Service bidding module for handyman services

The Service Bidding Module allows users of the KingX 2022 Gojek Clone App to post required task details and receive Real-Time Bids from Service Providers. Handyman Professionals such as Carpenters, Electricians, and Home Cleaners could be among these Service Providers. Certain points are included in the Task Details, such as –

  1. Type of work
  2. Location where the service has to be provided
  3. Price/budget
  4. Deadline to complete the task
  5. Date and time the user needs services

The App User can choose the Best Bid based on their financial budget and the Ratings/Reviews of the Service Provider.

  • Back to back trips for Cab Drivers

Taxi Drivers have been given the ability to accept the next ride request even before the current trip is completed. As a result, each driver completes more trips per day. In fact, it has significantly enhanced their productivity.

Multi-lingual and currencies

This all-in-one app is available in 25 languages and currencies, including English and USD (American Dollar). Users can perform transactions without having to worry about currency conversions thanks to this feature. The currency mode can be changed so that users can quickly switch currencies.

Winding It Up On Gojek Clone Business Model

Is becoming a successful entrepreneur a lifelong dream of yours? Do you want to be featured on the TIME Magazine Cover Page as the World’s Youngest Billionaire? Then the Gojek Clone KingX 2022 App is your best friend. Contact a reputable white-labelling company that will rebrand their base app with your company’s name and logo. They’ll help you launch your own Gojek-style app in as little as 1-2 weeks!

By jerry of Management & Technology

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