A Complete Guide to Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers in 48 Hours


A Complete Guide to Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers in 48 Hours

Introduction:  Ruby on Rails framework is a preferred choice for startups. There are around 400,000 websites that run on Rails. You should hire Ruby

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Ruby on Rails framework is a preferred choice for startups. There are around 400,000 websites that run on Rails. You should hire Ruby on Rails Developers if you are looking to build a robust, fast, and scalable application. But hiring the right candidate is challenging and often a tedious job. This article will provide you with the essentials to evaluate the right person for the job. Let’s explore. 

What are RoR Developers and What Roles Do They Play?

A ROR developer is skilled in the Ruby programming language, its frameworks, and libraries, and uses it to design and develop applications. They can code in both front-end and back-end. They can even implement their knowledge in database designing and system architecture. Ever since the framework was developed, companies and startups are trying to hire ruby on rails developers because the framework gives businesses the flexibility to meet the market demands. Let’s look at the different roles for which you can  hire ruby on rails developers and develop a scalable app: 


For the front-end part, RoR developers can participate in creating designs, choosing color schemes, and building layouts for web applications. The design process requires collaboration between Ror developers and the UI/UX team, so after you hire ruby on rails developers, make sure you introduce them to other teams so they can easily work together.


RoR developers can use their skills for full-stack development. You can hire ruby on rails developers for the entire application development cycle. Make sure the developers have a programming-solving attitude and their skills complement the kind of development work required.


After the program and app are built, testing its working is a crucial step. As it is only at this stage we find bugs and issues related to the app’s performance. If you are looking to hire ruby on rails developers for testing, make sure they are familiar with tools such as RSpec or Cucumber, and frameworks such as Test: Unit or MiniTest.

System Administrators

You will also be required to hire ruby on rails developers in an administration position to observe the whole process and check if the systems are properly working or not. They should also know how to install and configure the components that are required to run the desired applications.

Types of RoR Developers You Can Hire

  1. In-house Developers – They are your routine office employees. They will require your office space, systems, and software to work on and other related services. They work full-time 9-5 jobs and form your core team. You can assign any project to them and they are handy if any urgent situation arises. Managing them is easier compared to a remote team as you can have a personal interaction with them and better assess their skills and discipline. Though they are expensive as you have to provide for the infrastructure. 
  2. Freelance RoR Coders- They are a particularly skilled individual with expertise in specific disciplines. You can hire ruby on rails developers as freelancers for any rate and any job based on their region and expertise level. You can hire them on an hourly basis or a contract basis. They are not your usual employees and you might not even need them after the completion of the project. They can do any job from fixing bugs to writing programs.
  3. Ruby on Rails Development Company- If you want to hire ruby on rails developers as either individual remote workers or as a whole team, you should consider a development company. There are many companies such as Optymize which allow you to hire developers as remote employees. Unlike freelancers, remote employees can be included in your core team and be employed for long-term development projects. You can pay them weekly, monthly, or on a contract basis. You don’t have to worry about infrastructure and mostly your service provider will look after most expenses. Just make sure to enlist all your requirements in the contract. 

What To Look For While Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers?

There are some technical and soft skills you need to assess before you hire ruby on rails developers. Without the right skills and experience, the individuals will be a waste of time, and resources and will also jeopardize the project. 

  1. Technical Expertise- The RoR developer must have practical experience working with the language and its libraries. They should understand object-oriented programming, core technology, and the methodology required in the discipline. You should also look for developers with experience in multiple disciplines and languages. You can conduct a coding test to check their expertise in the required domain. 
  2. Experience- You have to decide the experience level before you hire ruby on rails developers. A fresher will not have any prior experience, will require training, and might only be useful in finding bugs and writing small codes. While senior level developers will be knowing the ins and outs of the framework and might make a full app by themselves. They can easily work on version updates, migration, full-stack development, etc. 
  3. Soft Skills- The developers are required to work in a team, address issues with managers and even talk to clients. For all these, effective communication skills, team management, discipline, time management, etc skills are a must. Make sure you hire ruby on rails developers who possess such skills. Also, ensure that the developers are confident, can easily talk about issues, and can tolerate pressure. You can take interviews and ask questions that will test these skills of developers. 

Cost of Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

The cost of developers depends upon 3 factors-

    1. Your project requirements– Are you hiring to develop a full-functioning application or just to build a particular software?
    2. Developer Expertise level– An experienced developer will cost more than a junior developer.
    3. Region– Developers from middle-income countries cost lower than developed nations.
  • Hiring Model- An In-house developer costs more than a freelancer or remote employee.

 Keep these factors in mind before you hire ruby on rails developers. If you want to hire based on the project, the price will range from $100 to $5000. You can opt to hire from development companies as they are usually cheaper compared to if you hire individual developers yourself.

Hourly Rates as Per Region:

Country                                Hourly rates

India and Asia Pacific            $15-$30

Central Europe                        $30-$50

Germany                                   $50-$70

United Kingdom                     $55- $75

United States                          $60-$80

Per Year Cost As Per Experience Level:

Country                       Junior                           Senior

India and Asia Pacific   $15,987                         $30,303

Central Europe              $45.000                         $100.800

Germany                         $60,000                         $115,000

United Kingdom           $65,000                          $120,000

United States                $70,000                           $125,000

Where to Find and Hire Ruby on Rails Developers in 48 Hours?

 It seems like a challenge when you have to search the internet and ask for recommendations in your circle to hire ruby on rails developers. The best solution is to search for job boards, development companies, and online marketplaces such as Optymize, Upwork, etc. 

  • You will be required to write a job post and share it on the platforms. Write about project requirements, experience needed, budget, etc, and post it.
  • The sites will search in their databases and will share with you a list of ideal candidates which you can choose from.
  • You can also search for those individual developers yourself on the job board sites.
  • You can assess them based on their past work, GitHub account, and client reviews and select them.
  • Then you can conduct your own interview or test round to personally assess their capabilities and see if they are good for your project.

And that’s it. You can now hire ruby on rails developers and start the onboarding process.


In this article, you have learned about the developers’ skills, types of hiring models, cost of developers, and how you can hire ruby on rails developers in 48 hours from online job boards and marketplaces. You must select the right people for your project. At Optymize, we follow a comprehensive vetting process to assess the technicians and developers. Our team of developers is not only skilled in ruby, but also in other essential technical skills and frameworks needed to build web and mobile-based applications. Check our site to know more.