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Every kid is born with a different personality. Some rely on their parents for decisions, while others have a way of dealing with issues with little guidance. Some kids are highly disciplined, while others are opinionated and hyper-focused. 

While it is quite easy to deal with kids who are flexible to changes, it can be quite a task to deal with strong-willed kids. Their inability to be flexible, their stubbornness and their frustrated nature can make it hard for parents and teachers alike to deal with such kids. 

However, there are ways to inculcate humility, kindness, and self-control in strong-willed kids to help them become outstanding leaders of tomorrow. 

In this blog, we will discuss six easy ways to help your strong-willed kid studying at an Indian school in Dubai.

1- Be calm with your kid studying at an Indian school in Dubai 

Being calm is an important aspect when it comes to dealing with strong-willed kids studying at an Indian school in Dubai. Your calmness will not only keep your kid from throwing tantrums and showing relentless behaviour but also help you tap into your parenting intelligence and intuition.

This way, you will respond to your kid’s beliefs instead of his/her behaviour. For instance, if your kid is having a sudden temper tantrum, your calmness will help you determine what triggered the tantrum and what you can do to make your kid calm down. 

You can also use the gained knowledge to help him/her better interpret what he/she is experiencing. 

In short, behaving calmly will help your chaotic strong-willed kid to calm his mind and heart down. The notion is to make your calmness contagious and not your kid’s emotions. 

2- Be clear with your expectations

The best way to reinforce boundaries is by being transparent and clear with your expectations with your kid studying at an Indian school in Dubai. With clarity, you no longer will have to waste your time and energy nagging and arguing with your kid. 

You can convey your rules and consequences, both good and bad, to reinforce what was discussed with the kid. You can even use your kid’s help to develop a few rules and consequences. The notion is to make him/her play an active role in how things may get impacted due to his/her behaviour. 

3- Ensure to remain consistent

When it comes to strong-willed kids, it is important to show who is in charge in a subtle manner. Most strong-willingness in kids is a result of improper control from the parent or guardians. As a parent/guardian, it should be your job to help your kid understand the limits. 

And being in charge needs to be a consistent approach. This is because your kid will assume that authority and power are divided and wavering. 

Be competent and confident to get the strong-willed kid you pay school fees in Dubai for respond as expected.

4- Ensure to follow through

While showcasing control through competence and confidence is vital to obtaining the expected response from a strong-willed kid, following through with what you mean is important, too. 

Your kid should know that whatever you mean needs to be followed without fail. Only then he/she will trust and respect your authority. Following through works similar to putting money in the trust bank between you and your kid.  

5- Maintain a level of control 

There is a huge difference between being demanding and politely requesting something. If your kid is demanding things every now and then, it is important to help him/her understand that it is not the way things work out. 

Teach your kid how to earn appropriate decision-making privilege in the house. And how such privileges are limited to certain aspects. For instance, let him/her choose the colour of the bag but not necessarily the type of the bag. This way, you can control the expense. Also, ask your kid to help around the house with little chores to establish a reward system in the house.  

6- Reinforce empathy and humility in the kid you pay school fees in Dubai for

Teaching and reinforcing empathy and humility in a strong-willed kid is quite important. You need to help him/her learn about caring and listening to what others have to say. Teach him/her the importance of being ethical, honest, faithful, sincere, loyal and encouraging of other individuals. 

It is important to teach your kid you pay school fees in Dubai to understand every individual’s emotion. The notion is to help kids realise that being demanding is not the only way out.  

Wrapping up

By following the tips suggested, you will surely be able to easily deal with your strong-willed kid. 

Also, it is worth noting that changing a kid’s behaviour isn’t possible overnight. It is a long-term process that requires incredible patience, too. So, ensure that you practise patience while following the above-mentioned tips to make the most out of the process. 

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