6 Efficient Ways to Fix Sliding Door Locks


6 Efficient Ways to Fix Sliding Door Locks

Sliding door locks are very popular these days and are featured in many homes as an integral part. Undoubtedly, they add a lot of beauty to the enviro

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Sliding door locks are very popular these days and are featured in many homes as an integral part. Undoubtedly, they add a lot of beauty to the environment, incomparable to any other door. However, more complex machines pose more complex problems, and a sliding door comes in the same list. They can cause problems for a variety of reasons which need to be fixed quickly; one of them is a faulty lock. Since they are an integral part of your home’s design, you need to ensure they’re safe and functioning correctly. It is important to check the damage to your door lock before proceeding with sliding door handle repair or any other fix. Locksmith assistance is the best option if you feel you cannot fix the problem on your own. Still, here are 6 efficient ways to fix sliding door locks.

Application of a Lubricant 

Sliding door locks often lack lubrication for proper functioning. Hence it is said to be a very common and easiest fix. It’s not usually permanent, but it does help in the prevention of timely repairs. However, choosing the right lubricant here is very important. Oil-based lubricants should be avoided in the first place since they attract dirt. So even if the lock and door work well, they will eventually get stuck. But if there is no problem with the lock, there may be a problem with your track. However, sometimes keyways may also have rust on them. If so, lubricate them. If there are no keyways, you can lubricate the latches. Observe the lock properly to see which part is getting stuck for the best results. Then lubricate it properly.

Sliding Door Locks Repairs

Sliding door handle repair probably is the first thing that will come to your mind when the lock needs to be fixed. This process involves repairing parts of the lock rather than replacing it completely. Work like this is usually the job of a locksmith, and we advise against attempting it yourself. A mortise lock emerges from a pocket built into the door. Damaged parts of the body can then be inspected, repaired, and reinstalled. Being able to check inside for a thorough cleaning is a huge advantage. In some cases, a key can get stuck in the lock. It is necessary to stick out the broken pieces in the lock and pull them out. Separated parts can be reassembled to their original positions. 

Replacing Sliding Door Locks

Replacement is generally regarded as a way to eliminate all the problems. It is usually done when repairs can’t solve the problem or when the new lock cost is less than the repairs. But the major problem people have here is finding the right lock for their sliding doors, as different doors are built on different mechanisms. Most doors cannot be adapted to different styles of locks. If a mortise lock is present, it should be replaced with an identical one. Sliding door locks are most replaced to boost the security of a house. 

Door Fixture Repairs

Sliding door locks may not be repairable if there is a problem with the door itself. This is often the case when the door isn’t handled properly. Due to track length and tight tolerances, the door will not open if this surface is damaged. One of the methods of securing sliding glass doors is to limit the rails to prevent the door from opening. The same type of deposits in your lock can also cause this unintentionally and without you noticing it. To fix this, lubricate and clean your chain. Sliding doors are not perfect for security as they cannot apply much force without breaking the glass or screen.

Sliding Glass Door Track Replacement

If the sliding glass door doesn’t latch properly, check the door’s alignment and rails. In some cases, problems can be misdiagnosed without taking additional steps to identify the true cause. Make sure the door cannot be lifted to secure the latch in its place. Check rails or door frames for signs of deformation. If this turns out to be the cause of your problem, there may be a way to assess the situation and then temporarily lock the door. However, these problems require another solution than door locks.

Call a Locksmith

Finally, if you are sure your door is perfectly fine, it is recommended to contact a local professional to help you with these locks and their repairs. Although full details are provided in repair manuals for sliding door handle repair. Yet you should seek professional assistance in this situation. Call a locksmith, and don’t worry about the problem as he will perfectly handle it. It takes less than a minute for a locksmith to find the problem and less than an hour to solve it. So, you must not delay and increase the problem in trying to save some money. 


If you don’t fix your sliding door lock, chances are you will get robbed. A broken sliding door lock is just a cause of stress and can further damage the sliding track. Hence, you must know the lock fixes in time to avoid any accidents. Having mentioned all possible solutions to fix the sliding glass door problem, a skilled locksmith is the best. A locally owned business known for honest, quality work will be the best for you.