5 Use Cases of a WhatsApp Bot


5 Use Cases of a WhatsApp Bot

WhatsApp is one of the most popular marketing and communication tools used by customers globally. Across the wide range of available spectrums, it is

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular marketing and communication tools used by customers globally. Across the wide range of available spectrums, it is one of the most preferred choices because of its extensive customer base.

Businesses are deploying a WhatsApp chatbot in their operations for conversational marketing and client solutions. A WhatsApp bot has a round-the-clock service and offers quick responses to customers to resolve their issues. 

Chatbots are becoming mainstream since it helps a business climb the e-commerce ladder. The article highlights the top use cases of a WhatsApp bot and how businesses can benefit from leveraging it.

How are Businesses Leveraging a WhatsApp Bot?

With a WhatsApp chatbot, businesses can enhance their customer support game and draw better leads. These chatbots can boost revenues while sending quality leads to companies through hyper-personalised dialogues. Let’s look at the top use cases of a WhatsApp chatbot:

Lead Generation

When considering growth and profit maximisation, lead generation is the most critical factor. Chatbots help direct assistance to the customers the users rely on the businesses. Also, chabot always take care of the preferences of the customers while providing them with solutions which nurture prospects through the marketing funnel. 

Retargeting Abandoned Carts

Sometimes, customers add a product to their cart and forget it. With the help of a WhatsApp chatbot, businesses can send a gentle nudge to customers to remind them of their abandoned products. Also, with personalised messaging, a chatbot recommends some different effects to the customer of similar nature. Sending such reminders can help increase sales and contribute massively towards profit maximisation.

Shipment Tracking

Customers frequently worry about when they will receive their purchases, mainly if they are necessary. Additionally, keeping them informed about their shipping progress will help you attract new clients. Your customers will automatically receive shipment notifications on WhatsApp and be able to check the status of their orders by deploying a WhatsApp chatbot.

Feedback Collection

Every business wants to know what its customers are thinking about the products or services they are using. The online surveys went unnoticed and unopened, leading to a waste of effort. With the help of a WhatsApp bot, businesses can directly talk to their customers and know their concerns better.

Post-Sales Support

A credible business always assists the customer even after they are done with the purchase. Customers can learn how much you care about them by getting in touch with them and inquiring if they have reached the product or giving the setup instructions. This opens the door to developing a base of devoted clients.

Benefits of Deploying WhatsApp Chatbot

A WhatsApp bot offers limitless benefits to businesses and is easy to access. Customers do not have to visit any specific page to reach for support as the chatbot window automatically opens to provide instant resolution to customer queries. 

Here, the messages are fully automated, and businesses can keep their customers updated without any additional support costs. Further, it helps companies in reaching a large number of customers from different regions with the help of multilingual support. 

The Chatbot Has Strong Capabilities Like:

  • Routing Chats Automatically
  • Automated Alerts
  • Live Support

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Almost all industries widely use a WhatsApp integration as a bot due to their cost-effectiveness, scalability, and convenience. These bots are skilled at building relationships with clients and creating an excellent first impression on new customers.

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