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Digital Marketing

As the competitive landscape becomes more digital, people are more motivated to create an online representation for their firms. Either by constructing websites, social media profiles, or adverts to reach even more prospective clients. As a result, digital marketing – promoting one’s items/solutions through digital technology – has become a need for operating a company.

Following so, the demand for outsourcing and freelance digital marketing is skyrocketing.

The following article will help freelancers list five of the world’s most popular digital marketing job positions. This will help those enthusiastic about digital marketing employment know where to begin.

But before that, let’s learn a bit about the freelance digital marketer.

Who Is A Freelance Digital Marketer?

An individual with a wide variety of talents, including content and copywriting, social networks, SEO, ad production, website development, strategizing, and graphics, is referred to as a freelance digital marketer.

Digital marketers participate in online groups and LinkedIn discussions and share valuable material on Facebook. They make every effort to ensure that their clients achieve their objectives.

Top Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

Social Media Coordinator

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and/or experience in Marketing or a similar profession, wonderfully written and effective communication, a comprehensive awareness of social networking tools and platforms, a basic understanding of SEO, and competence in design software.

Average earnings: $43,006

A social media planner or manager is responsible for overseeing the company’s social media profiles and establishing a presence on social media. Coordinators provide material for multiple channels and layout a content strategy.

A social media coordinator is also responsible for increasing participation by reacting to comments and replies from followers. To summarize, a coordinator uses social media to expand the brand’s general outreach and build people’s faith in the product to increase visitors to the online marketplace or website and generate sales.

Data Analyst

Requirements: Bachelor’s in statistical data, branding, or a relevant subject along with extensive knowledge of data gathering, warehouse management, visual analytics, advanced Microsoft Excel, development tools, SQL databases, and data system query processing languages is required.

Average earnings: $68,447

A data analyst must gather, organize, filter, and analyze data to solve issues and address questions.

The analyst converts the raw information about products into simple data visual displays, which are subsequently turned into actionable items for the company’s decision-makers. They do a market survey, discover relevant trends over time, evaluate the data, and convey their results to the marketing team so that upgraded marketing strategies may be developed.

Email Marketing Expert

Requirements: Bachelor’s in marketing or similar discipline and/or experience, excellent understanding of email marketing and A/B testing best business practices, authoring abilities, fluency in automated email technology and analysis tools

Average earnings: $64,913

An email marketing professional promotes a business or brand by sending out emails to consumers who have subscribed to the business’s newsletter. The emails feature digital marketing strategies informing clients about the company’s offerings, discounts, and changes.

They are generally in charge of developing the content of the email campaign in addition to sending communications. They create the wording for the ads, collaborate with design professionals to produce a visually appealing strategy, and check the information before sending it out.

Expert In Paid Advertising

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and/or expertise in Marketing or similar, proficiency with online marketing and social marketing platforms, budget organizational skills, understanding of Google Analytics, and fluency in Microsoft Excel.

Average earnings: $70,739

Paid marketing experts design, administer, and execute paid digital marketing initiatives for brands and companies.

They invest in display adverts through programs like Google Ads to appear around the primary domain on numerous websites that use Google AdSense. To manage the paid advertising campaign performance indicators data, specialists also evaluate elements such as return on capital, traffic, overall reach and click and engagement rates.

Digital Marketing Manager

Requirements: A degree in the field of marketing or a related profession, as well as expertise with SEO, content management, sponsored and unpaid advertising campaigns, social networks, website traffic, and the languages such as python HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Average earnings: $121,676

A digital marketing manager is a multi-talented individual. Regardless of scale, online marketing managers should comprehend and supervise all marketing duties done by most of the roles we’ve described, from the obligations of a social media marketer to the activities of a digital content writer.

What Are The Perks Of Working As A Freelance Digital Marketer?

  • You are free to live wherever you desire.
  • You can set your hours and be your own boss!
  • Create your team and, if necessary, outsource jobs.
  • When you work from home, you save time and money daily commuting.
  • Every day, visit a different office – any coffee shop, co-working space, or even a facility that resembles an office would suffice.
  • Choose the clients and projects on which you’ll focus your efforts.
  • You can work as little or as much as you choose.
  • Set your prices for social media management.

Is there a Demand for Digital Marketing Jobs?

Digital marketing positions have been among the most lucrative occupations due to the ever-changing digital world. Most business organizations operate physically and digitally, with at least a web page or a social media presence to generate online leads.

Jobs in digital advertising were rising prior to the pandemic, but COVID-19 has substantially impacted both the employment market and customer behavior. On the consumer end, many people had little choice but to start purchasing online owing to the epidemic.

In terms of the job sector, many enterprises have had to rely on digital solutions to stay afloat. This has boosted the need for home-based digital marketing positions. As a result, the market for digital marketing employment is expected to continue to rise.


Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs are expected to be there for the foreseeable future. This is all thanks to the continuous transition to a more digital environment and growing popularity of flexible and remote work cultures.

In addition to this, platforms such as Red Eye Sports are available to help individuals discover hidden opportunities and learn more about digital marketing. These platforms allow people to find freelance digital marketing employment in areas such as search engine optimization, online marketing, social marketing, paid advertisement, and big data analytics through these tools.

If you’re searching for freelance Digital Marketing Jobs, Red Eye USA Sports is a fantastic starting point. It’s a website that connects digital marketers with prospective clients.

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