5 Tips When Buying A Genuine Leather Motorcycle Jackets


5 Tips When Buying A Genuine Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Genuine leather motorcycle jackets are the most fashionable outwear that you can wear anytime and anywhere. Leather jackets being fashion icons give y

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Genuine leather motorcycle jackets are the most fashionable outwear that you can wear anytime and anywhere. Leather jackets being fashion icons give your outfit an appealing and dashing look. Secondly, they can be paired up with any outfit. Whether it’s a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or dress shirt, a leather jacket adds coolness to your outfit and gives a complete appearance. This is the reason that their demand is so high.

Apart from being fashion icons, motorcycle leather jackets are the protective shield of a motorcyclist. They provide them protection from sunlight, wind, and cold. Furthermore, they protect motorcyclists from severe injuries and fractures due to their rough and tough material.

Genuine leather motorcycle jackets being highly demanded are expensive too. They require a mindful selection. You should keep some major characteristics in mind so that you end up buying a perfect jacket. Here is a complete guide so that you buy an exemplary motorcycle leather jacket.

The Leather itself

While purchasing a motorcycle leather jacket, what to see at first is the real cowhide. Leather quality should be extremely high considering the way that a rider’s jacket is more vulnerable to damage from sunlight and wind. Both cowhide and sheepskin are highly durable, strong, and flexible making them an ideal choice for manufacturing a leather jacket. Therefore, one must go for leather jackets made up of top-grain cowhide or sheepskin. The leather jackets with semi-aniline finishing, have greater strength and are more sunlight and water-resistant. At last, check for the thickness of the coat. Leather jackets with a thickness greater than 1mm provide additional protection in case of any road accident.

Leather is a pure organic material. If it isn’t managed carefully in the course of action of tanning, arrangement, and application, it could become penetrable and spill dependably. Leather is a water-repellent material in any case it isn’t 100% waterproof material. In any case, leather being an extraordinary windproof material gives you security and keeps you warm during the winter. In short, pick the full-grain and top-grain quality leather to buy an optimal jacket.

Check the Fitting

Pick a motorcycle leather jacket of the ideal size. It ought to permit the body to openly move. Here is a tip for choosing a jacket of the ideal fit and size. Wear the jacket, then sit in a riding position and afterward inspect whether the fitting is agreeable or not.

Leather jackets ought not to be larger or smaller than the average size. Genuine motorcycle leather jackets look wonderful when they have a perfect fitting. Their responsibility is to give you assurance against abrupt effects which isn’t possible when they are loose. Not even go for a skin-tight coat, as it won’t just be uncomfortable for you, but it will likewise make the expensive jacket rip off. Purchase an impeccably fit leather jacket. This way you will look cool and will be safeguarded simultaneously.

Measurements Of The Genuine Leather Motorcycle Jackets

The overabundantly long jacket causes counteraction in the movement of the rider. Typically, the length of a motorcycle jacket is slightly short than other types of jackets. It ought to be appropriately fitted over your abdomen so that it is comfortable while riding.

After the general jacket length, here comes the singular estimation of each part, for instance, arm, shoulder, and chest, with the goal that you know how to choose the motorcycle leather jacket. The sleeve length, most importantly, ought to come to your wrist in a riding position and to your palm when fixed. Also, measure the jacket from the abdomen. It should sit right above your pelvic bone. Then, at that point, wear the jacket and pull up its zipper. It should feel perfect from your chest. It should not be undersized that you can’t even pull up the zipper properly nor too free-sized that it gets baggy. It should be of ideal size for you to fit perfectly.

Here is a tip to choose a completely fitted leather jacket. Make a clenched hand of your hand and attempt to fit it under the zipped jacket. On the off chance that your clenched hand fits in impeccably, you are choosing the right jacket for yourself.

The Protective Shield: The Armor

The motorcyclists should select a jacket with an armor lining. Armor acts like a protective shield for them. It protects you from major injuries and reduces the drastic effects of the impacts. Including armor in the areas of the elbow, back, and chest to protect the sensitive parts. Wearing an armored leather jacket would not make you feel uncomfortable as good-quality armor is quite weightless and does not irritate the motorcyclist. Wear your armored jacket so that you are safeguarded.

Enhance your Look With Genuine Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle leather jackets always enhance your looks. However, if you are looking for a stylish motorcycle jacket then you can go for an aviator style, vintage leather jacket, or shearling jacket. Secondly, black color is quite typical in motorcycle jackets so try to select brown, grey, or some other color. But the choice is yours, if black suits you well, select a black one. Just the point is to be safe and slay at the same time.


Genuine leather motorcycle jackets are meant for motorcyclists. They have a special protective shield in them which is the armor. Armor shields the motorcyclist from dangerous impacts and accidents. Apart from security, these motorcycle leather jackets jazz up your looks. Leather jackets are a symbol of fashion for ages. Therefore, they give you versatility too. You must buy a flawless jacket in one go because they are not less than an investment unit.