5 Characteristics of a Good Motivational Speaker


5 Characteristics of a Good Motivational Speaker

The ability to speak in front of an audience effectively can increase sales, promote corporate objectives, and improve reputations in today’s business

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The ability to speak in front of an audience effectively can increase sales, promote corporate objectives, and improve reputations in today’s business environment. Some people have a natural ability to talk in front of both small and large groups of people conveying information with ease. That is not the case, however, for many people. A corporate communication degree can help you overcome your fear of public speaking while also advancing your career if you have selected a field that would benefit from excellent presentation abilities but is also shy.

It may sound simple, but it’s not. How do you excite and maintain the interest of an audience in what you have to say? How do you engage the audience so they can identify you and comprehend your story? These five characteristics are necessary in order to be a successful motivational speaker.


Your audience can relate to you throughout a speech because of your authenticity. It will be more difficult for the audience to believe you and respect your message if your speech comes out as inauthentic. Make an effort to be authentic and vulnerable when telling stories. An effective motivating speaker should be honest and true to themselves. They ought to be able to relate to their audience on a personal level by sharing their own life experiences, challenges, and achievements. This might be the number one trait of a successful motivational speaker. When a speaker’s life is inconsistent with what they are saying, audiences can tell. When a motivational speaker exemplifies his principles in real life, he is most effective.

Flexible and Adaptable

An effective motivating speaker should be flexible enough to adjust to various settings and audiences. They ought to be adaptable and be able to change their presentation’s tone, style, and material to meet the requirements and tastes of their audience. No matter how thoroughly you prepare for a speech, something is always possible to go wrong. Maybe you forgot what you were going to say in the middle of your presentation or your slide deck breaks down. As a speaker, it’s necessary to be versatile and expect the unexpected. You’ll be able to remain composed, concentrate on the audience, and make decisions about your next move if you adopt this mentality.


When it comes to public speaking, confidence is the key. You can establish yourself as an authority on your subject by projecting confidence in your speech. Your audience will be more likely to believe in you and the information you are putting out there as a result. You become credible, competent, and believable when you are confident. You need to have enough self-assurance to be yourself during your presentation if you want to come across as confident. You’ll increase the likelihood that people will identify with you if you can be authentic in front of them. You risk coming across as insincere if you try to act differently than you normally do, which will make the audience less likely to develop a connection with you.


A good motivational speaker should be motivated and driven by their subject. They ought to be able to enliven and motivate their audience with their own excitement and passion. People are able to sense when you are passionate about the subject matter you are discussing as well as when you are only following the script. Additionally, as enthusiasm spreads easily, your audience will be more likely to catch your enthusiasm for the subject. If speaking with passion doesn’t come naturally to you, this is a skill you can cultivate. Concentrate on projecting passion through your voice, your posture, and the speed at which you speak.

Pay Attention

Contrary to what you would think, public speaking starts with listening. You must frequently include difficult issues, ideas, and opposing viewpoints in business presentations. Any public speaker should be able to truly listen to their audience in order to get their feedback before, during, and after their presentation. 

Key Takeaway

These are just a handful of the many key features that a successful motivational speaker possess. A motivational speaker has a genuine magnetic quality, and his lectures are quite insightful. This person possesses a rare capacity for conveying motivating thoughts and inspiring those who pay attention to what they have to say. These characteristics enable motivational speakers to guide their audience through a range of emotions on the way to clarity and inspiration.