Sun. Jun 26th, 2022
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Exhibition stands are advancing more than ever before and exhibition designs are becoming more competitive as every brand and business wants to be the leader of their industry. Only the stands which are unique and extremely creative are able to attract the crowd and become the most popular during any event. If you really want to take your exhibition stand to the next level and add a wow factor to it then here are 5 design features that you should avoid in order to get a stunning and visually appealing exhibition stand.

  • Bright Lights

It is really important to light up your exhibition stand and every stand needs it, but how much lighting would be too much? General stand lighting is something both important and needful but it is crucial to ensure that you don’t go overboard which could make a negative impact. Over lighting, your exhibition stands can create a very clinical and sterile environment and can also radiate substantial amounts of heat. Hence, keep this point in mind while selecting the types of lighting for your booth, and also remember that not only your attendees but also your staff will be under those lights all day at the event.

  • Enclosed walls

While walls are a crucial element to your booth, they can also have a negative impact on the design of your exhibition stand if used incorrectly. It is important to have clear and easy entry and exit points in the booth so that no one including your staff and visitors feels enclosed. Large walls enclosing your exhibition stand can also create a claustrophobic feeling. Hence, you must design your exhibition stand to be welcoming and easily accessible. The last thing you would want is for visitors to feel suffocated standing in your stand or making efforts to get onto in the first place.

  • Clutter

A common confusion faced by most of the exhibitors is choosing what to display on their exhibition stand and what would result in making their exhibition stand a success. While you don’t want your exhibition stand to look vacant, leaving some space of your stand empty holds some benefits. You can display your products in an inviting way, but ensure that you don’t put things to the point where it becomes difficult to stand comfortably or move around. It is important to leave some comfortable amount of space for visitors so that they can navigate around the booth and have a look at all the displayed products. This will also keep your booth clean and inviting. If your stand would be completely blocked off by-products or furniture, there are chances that visitors will not enter the space.

  • Size of the Stand

One most prevailed misconception during trade shows is that the bigger the stand space, the greater your success will be. The size of your exhibition stand is important, however, you need to make sure that there is the rationality behind it. Having a large space would be pointless if you would have nothing constructive to fill the space with. Hence, make sure that you choose the appropriate size for your exhibition stand space that suits you and your business well.

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