15 Tips for Stunning Interior Design on a Budget


15 Tips for Stunning Interior Design on a Budget

A beautifully decorated home is a dream built brick by brick. With Instagram and Pinterest washing over us, it might get difficult to choose from the

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A beautifully decorated home is a dream built brick by brick. With Instagram and Pinterest washing over us, it might get difficult to choose from the ocean of ideas they present. There are a lot of factors you need to be careful about while decorating your home. The primary ones are space and budget. An authentic interior designer company helps you decide your style without denting your pockets. 

Livibi is your one-store solution for everything aesthetic. The interior designer Noida company has a little of everything you are looking for, and more! Some of the key service providers in the decoration market, Livibi has been making dreams come true. With the right tools and materials, they bring your ideas to life. That being said, let us look into 15 affordable yet stunning tips for your home:

1. Declutter Your Home

We might agree or we might not, there is always stuff in your house that you don’t need. The first step towards a stunning home is to remove everything you don’t need. Decluttering improves space and gives a lot of opportunities for ideas. It also helps in cleaning out space for things you need. Moreover, with minimal aesthetics taking over the world, removing all those extra items might be helpful. Now, you don’t need to do it all at once. Start small and pave your way through it.

2. Go for Affordable Interior Decorators

The market is full of decorators, who promise the sky in your living room. But, an affordable interior designer company helps bring your vision to life without breaking the bank. In addition to using 3D rendering to bring your idea to life, they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Some services offer exclusive discounts as well. Additionally, the money you save from this aspect can be invested in something important. 

3. Thrift and Crafts

Hear us out. Remember when we said decluttering? Now you collected these items over years, and you might still like them. Or just not yet ready to part from them. Scan through the items and check for ones that can be used as abstract art. Maybe the painting you picked on your vacation or a metal frame from an exhibition. Incorporate small things in your decor to elevate your interiors. Not only does it add character, but all your unique personality to your decor. Let’s say you declutter and discard everything. There is a world of ideas you can get from flea markets, and maybe, pick up a few for your home as well!

4. Barter System and Garage Sales

This might be unpopular or might not sit well with a lot of people, but swapping your home decor with friends is quite beneficial. You can organize an exhibition of sorts where your friends can bring the stuff they don’t need. The kind of themed evenings will not only give an option for a get-together but also bring benefits. You can look into the items and might just find the one you are looking for that corner wall.

5. Decide on the Colour Palette

The color of the walls and even the ceiling will make or break your home. Pastel shades reflect light and the room appears bigger. This coupled with mirrors and wooden minimalist furniture makes your room larger than it is. With a more spacious outlook, designing is much easier. Choose the shade of your walls according to the furniture and the decor. A new-age interior designer company like Livibi incorporates a lot of themes to decide the best color palette according to the space. 

6. Accessorize

Furniture might not be just items for decor. You can use a lot of small objects to bring more character to the space. Cushions, scented candles, paintings, and flower vases are some of the inexpensive items that you can incorporate into your decor. While old furniture brings antiquity to the decor, these small objects expand the minimalist feel. Make sure you are using a uniform style across the room to make it look neat and aesthetic.

7. DIY

If you are an artist or have a creative eye, DIY can be one of the most inexpensive ways to bring to life your vision. From colored doors to floral walls, anything can be achieved with a paintbrush. Not only will you be able to incorporate exactly what you visualized, but it also saves a lot of money. Some independent artists work on projects and charge much less than most interior decorators 

8. Create a Focal Point

Decorating your home doesn’t mean a little of everything on every nook and corner. You can choose a wall and extensively decorate it while keeping the rest of the area sparse. This creates the wall as a focal point, deprioritizing the rest of the room. Not only does it help in minimal accessorizing, but you save a lot by not spending on extra items. 

9. Mix-Match Your Patterns

Don’t be shy in using two different patterns or textures. It adds depth and character to the surface, uplifting the present decor. Pastel patterns and sift textures bring a cozy vibe to the area. Additionally, they refresh even small spaces beautifully, without many decor items.

10. Lighting

Lighting makes or breaks your home. It is one of the most strategic ways of creating an ambiance. Utilize your windows and lights to bring character to your home. Furthermore, layering is a very good option when it comes to lighting. Try using natural light as much as you can to enhance the atmosphere.

11. Statement Furniture

Why spend so much on so many items when you can do it all with one statement piece of furniture? Now it can be a wall or a huge statement chair. That area becomes the focal point, removing your attention from the rest of the room. Style, on a budget!

12. Plants

A very inexpensive way to decorate your home and bring health benefits to your life is via plants. Not only do they purify the air, but act as beautiful decor items. If your home is pastel themed, they also bring a pop of color, enhancing the general appeal of the space.

13. Storage

We all have a lot of stuff, and sometimes we don’t know what to do with it. Utilizing spaces that you don’t need as storage keeps your home clean. Modular shelves and vertical walls are very common storage ideas. Especially with small homes, you need to be creative in keeping your stuff.

14. Open Plans

Not every home can give the option of open plans but if your home can, then make the most out of it. Moreover, an open-plan space incorporates a lot of items, yet keeps the area looking spacious. Most studio apartments have open plans and these ideas are penetrating larger homes as well.

15. White Wood-work

It might be the taste of many, but white woodwork can do wonders for your home. It makes the space look larger than it is, and good lighting adds a lot of depth to the area. Additionally, you can incorporate a lot of ideas with a pastel background.

We hope this helps in decorating your future home with affordable, yet aesthetic decorations. And if nothing works out, you can always come to the interior designer Noida company Livibi, to get affordable decor solutions. 

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