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Hair removal

When summer arrives, waxing becomes a mandatory procedure. While the legs hair, armpits, and chest are the most popular areas for waxing, the intimate area has been growing in popularity among both men and women.

How To Get Rid Of Hair On Bum Cheeks? It is very sensitive and important to follow these tips.

The depilatory cream, the blade, and wax are “quick and cheap” solutions. However, many experts say that they have a limited effect and may cause problems when new hair comes out. Hair removal is an important part of every skincare routine.

However, while the most effective techniques like laser or electrical hair removal are more costly and may require multiple sessions to achieve their effects, they are also more hygienic and are performed by professionals.

Which one is best for the genital area and why?

  • Blade – “It’s the most convenient and fastest method of hair removal.” The blade cuts the hair at the highest point of the skin’s exit so that it can be seen again as the hair grows.
  • Wax: “Use heat to remove hair from the root. It may take several weeks for the hair to come out. Experts also point out that this option can be used because it involves pulling on a more delicate part of the skin. In this instance, the wax doesn’t need to be extremely hot because it could burn the more sensitive skin.
  • Depilatory Cream: “It cuts hair at the skin exit level due to chemical destruction of the hair, but it is not recommended that you contact the mucous region of the genitals. Therefore, great care should be taken when using it at home.
  • Laser, photo epilation. These are the definitive techniques that will remove the hair from the follicle and prevent it from coming back.

Step by step, remove hair with a razor

Waxing with a blade is dangerous. It is important to remember that the likelihood of inadvertent cuts will increase with the severity of the skin’s irregularities. This is because every cut or injury to the skin can lead to sexually transmitted diseases and germs.

“Waxing” should be done under direct visual inspection. This is a difficult task when waxing the genital region.

Experts warn that the area is prone to hair loss due to “hair follicles and sweating,” and can even be a source of infection (boils, folliculitis). She recommends avoiding the lips area. This is because it is more sensitive and irregular, and therefore more vulnerable to being cut by the blades.

Both experts agree that it is important to clean the area after moisturizing and waxing. Experts recommend that you use specific gels for intimate areas and non-alcoholic moisturizers with compatible ingredients for sensitive skin.

You must remember that these products can be harmful to the vaginal mucosa. Therefore, extreme caution should be taken.

According to an expert, it is even more important to clean hair in the days following waxing to minimize the risk of infection in the hair follicle.

Ten key ideas

  1. To make it easier to do later work, trim your hair.
  2. Use a product that makes it easier to slide faster, such as water or soap.
  3. Use a razor that is not used on any other part of your body. preferably a brand new razor.
  4. Cut the hair without using too much pressure.
  5. Begin with the labia majora area and work your way through Mount Venus.
  6. If you feel irritation or are experiencing burning,
  7. It is suggested that you wear light and soft clothing during the hours to follow, preferably cotton.
  8. Avoid sun exposure immediately before or after hair removal. This can cause skin inflammation and burns.
  9. Avoid washing the area with hot water for several hours and instead use an intimate hygiene gel that is suitable for daily use.
  10. Intimate hygiene must be more thorough if the hair is removed. The hair acts as a shield and helps keep the skin moist.
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