10 Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Revenue


10 Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Revenue

Developing a marketing strategy that helps you outperform the other e-commerce companies in your field should be your number one priority as a busines

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Developing a marketing strategy that helps you outperform the other e-commerce companies in your field should be your number one priority as a business owner. E-commerce revenue is one of the most important categories for online retailers. This is because it’s the one that allows you to make money, and as a result, it’s usually where you’re able to see your biggest return on investment.

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See how applying these procedures will help you boost site traffic and product sales by reviewing these 10 successful marketing methods for e-commerce enterprises.


10 ways to increase e-commerce revenue


Boost the prices

Increasing your prices is one of the simplest strategies to boost the revenue from your online store. Research has demonstrated that a higher price can result in greater sales, even though this may appear paradoxical. The reason for this is that people will believe they are getting more for their money.

Just higher-priced purchases will result in increased income, but you can also use sales and discounts to boost profits even more. As an illustration, you might have an exit-intent popup that displays a discount when visitors leave the website without making a purchase.


Created a mailing list

Email marketing still has a lot of untapped potential to increase e-commerce purchases. Having a large email list can greatly increase conversion rates when it comes to customer targeting and remarketing. Compared to social networking sites, emails have far more potential for consumer acquisition and click-through rates.

Offering online discounts, unique rewards for reading newsletters, placing signup boxes at the point of sale, and other similar strategies can help naturally build a sizable email portfolio.

If you’re trying to figure out how to enhance e-commerce sales, you can also add personalized touches, such as named greetings, and audience-specific email lists to your emails.


Reach out to costumers

Spend time and money on attracting new clients while maintaining the satisfaction of your current ones.

The latest figures from Adobe’s The ROI from Marketing to Existing Online Customers report demonstrate the following:

  • In the US, only 8% of visitors are repeat customers.
  • 41% of the sales come from repeat customers and the percentage increases during the holidays.
  • One repeat customer’s purchase generates revenue equal to five new customers’ orders.


Activate cross-selling

Similar to upsells, cross-selling promotes goods that go well with the customer’s first purchase rather than giving upgrades. For instance, if a consumer purchases an iPhone, you might also sell them cases or screen protectors for it. Promoting less expensive goods and easy-to-commit-to impulse purchases will yield the best outcomes.

Look at some of your biggest orders to see what people are ordering in addition to the major items if you’re unsure what your consumers are interested in. You can locate comparable products on Amazon and check out their “Frequently Bought Together” section to find items from younger stores that might not yet have this type of history.


Create a compelling landing page

A landing page is the most important first step to any online marketing campaign. It’s where you’ll collect email addresses, set up autoresponders, and send out emails to collect leads. This is also the place where you’ll provide visitors with a call to action (CTA) that will lead them down the sales funnel. You can use a landing page builder like LeadPages or Unbounce to create a custom landing page in minutes.


Use limiting strategies

Scarcity is the ultimate adrenaline rush. If your products seem to be in low supply or if a sale is only happening shortly, your visitors are more likely to buy immediately soon. They are unable to guarantee that they will still offer your products at this price—or even available—in the future.


Create an SEO plan

Your brand can appear at the top of online shopper searches for certain keywords with the aid of an efficient search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

You’ll probably need to develop content that uses these popular keywords, responds to relevant queries, and eventually exposes your site as a relevant result for internet searches depending on what phrases or terms best describe your business or solutions.

By including educational content on your website and social media pages, like how to write literature review you may improve the effectiveness of your SEO approach. Think about including blog posts, product descriptions, and long-form content.


Stop making users register before making purchases

According to this KISSmetrics post, 23% of users back out of the checkout process if they need them to register. It makes no difference if your users don’t have the time or don’t enjoy the account-creation process. The key is that they’ll abandon your website and buy their goods somewhere else. Instead of growing the membership list, you should be focusing on generating sales. Create the option for guest checkout to remedy this.


Minimize abandoned carts

Every proprietor of an online store will be familiar with the following: You get a notification when someone added products from your shop to their cart. You start to believe that things are finally improving as you become overly excited about the huge sale that is going to come your way.

However, your visitor quickly abandons their cart before making a purchase. This is happening to you more often than you’d like, and it could make you feel helpless. However, there are easy techniques to reduce cart abandonment, so do not fear. Exit-intent popups, for instance, can persuade a visitor to postpone clicking the “x” on the tab for your store.


Optimize your sales pages

Once visitors land on your site from search engines and social media sites, they’re almost always going to need some form of information before they buy something from you. This can be as simple as providing them with pricing information or as complex as helping them understand how your product works and what benefits it offers them (which can include things like warranties or guarantees).




Hopefully, these tactics will help you drive more successful online sales and grow your online financial profitability. Depending on what the industry is like where you sell items, you may have to apply some of these tactics to set yourself apart from competing businesses and achieve incredible success.





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